Security Markings - British Consular Post Office at Bangkok

Introduction: Some Bangkok consulates and merchants applied their chop to their mail to prevent the stamps from being stolen.  These chops form the subject of this display.

The British Consulate in Bangkok opened its doors on 11 June 1856. Since there was no postal service in Siam, merchants, missionaries and other foreign residents of Bangkok requested permission to include their letters in the diplomatic pouch that traveled back and forth to Singapore every 15 days.  The demand for this service grew to the point that the duties of "Post Master" eventually fell upon Mr. H. A. Gardner the Chief Constable at the Consulate as early as January 1869. With the concurrence of the Siamese government, a branch of the Singapore Post Office was opened at the British Consulate in 1882. The first shipment of B-overprinted Straits Settlements stamps, specifically for use in Bangkok, arrived in May 1882. However, stamps of the Straits Settlements, Hong Kong and Great Britain are known used on mail that went through this branch post office prior and after this date.  Siam joined the UPU on 1 July 1885 and it began handling all internal and external mails. After nearly 30 years of service, the British Consular Post Office in Bangkok closed on 30 June 1885.

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Consular Security Markings:
     Page 2 British Consulate
     Page 3 United States Consulate & Legation
     Page 4 German Consulate 

Firm Chops:
     Page 5 A. Bjurling & Cie
     Page 6 A. Markwald & Co.
     Page 7 Ameeroodin Mahomedbhoymoocha Ld
     Page 8 Falck & Beidek
     Page 9 Falck, Bramann & Beidek
     Page 10 Möeller & Meisner
     Page 11 R. Götte & Co.
     Page 12 Ramsay & Co. Exporters
     Page 13 Roger Clarke & Co.
     Page 14 The Borneo Company Limited
     Page 15 Windsor, Redlich & Windsor, Rose
     Page 16 Fake Bangkok Stamps Identified Owing to Firm Chops

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