Security Markings - British Consular Post Office at Bangkok
Firm Chops:
Ramsay & Co. Exporters

When King Chulalongkorn visited Calcutta in 1872 he invited Ramsay and Co. to come to Bangkok and open a store. He gave them a monopoly and free rent. They carried everything required by civilian and military service. They opened a department store in 1882 which was short lived. However they returned to supplying Government contracts, ship chandelling, and export of Siamese goods. In 1884, tried a department store but it went into liquidation and its stock was bought out by the German firm of B. Grimm.


Dimensions: Estimated 40 mm x 20 mm
Colour: Blue or Violet
Observed on: Bangkok
Earliest Use: 1883
Latest Use: 1885
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