Security Markings - British Consular Post Office at Bangkok
Firm Chops:
The Borneo Company Limited

This trading firm was established in Bangkok in May 1856. They were the first foreign firm to establish themselves after the Bowering treaty. They operated a sugar mill, a saw mill and a rice mill. This large company had branch houses in: London, Manchester, Calcutta Singapore, Batavia, Sarawak, Hong Kong and Shanghai. They were as well agents for numerous Insurance companies and banks. As can be seen from their chop they were “Forwarding Agents” as well.


image029.jpg image030.jpg
BangkokStraits Settlements

Dimensions: Estimated 40 mm x 20 mm
Colour: Blue or Blue
Observed on: Bangkok, Straits Settlements
Earliest Use: ca 1882
Latest Use: 1885
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