Security Markings - British Consular Post Office at Bangkok
Type 2 B-overprint

Only five new stamps have been listed by Gibbons with the type 2 overprints.  These are 6c lilac, 12c blue and 24c green with Crown CC watermark, and the 2c brown and 4c rose with Crown CA watermark.  We have since found the 8c yellow Crown CA with the type 2 overprint and other values may exist.

Overall, the two types of B are almost exactly the same height and the type 2 is very slightly wider than type 1.

The B of the type 2 overprints appears slightly more symmetrical than the type 1, with the top and bottom balloons of the B almost equal in size when measured vertically.  The two balloons of the type 2 B are almost exactly the same width when measured horizontally, whereas in the type 1 B, the top balloon is clearly smaller than the bottom balloon, both horizontally and vertically.  The bottom balloon of the type 2 on some stamps appears to dip below the level of the bottom of the strong vertical bar; this is thought to have been caused by damage to at least one of the Bs.

See: Norris, Andrew, Bangkok, the British Post Office in 1882, published in Gibbons Stamp Monthly, February 2008.

Types 1 and 2

Measurements rounded to the nearest 10th of a mm.

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Unlisted: 8 CA Type 2
Cancelled: 4 bars + dumb chop
Source: MH

SG9a 24 CC 
Cancelled: US Consulate + dumb chop
Source: MH

SG14a 2 CA SG14a 2 CASG16a 4 CASG16a 4c CA
Cancelled: German ConsulateCancelled: 4 barsCancelled: 4 bars + Falck, Bramann & Beidek, BangkokCancelled: British Consulate
Source: MHSource: CGSource: RMSource: MH

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