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Armenian Firms in Singapore: 1820 - 1960

This list is based on the book by Nadian Wright titled Respected Citizens - The history of the Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia [W04]. The list was created to facilitate the identification of security markings that they might have used. Those firms with security marking have a link to their own history page. The others await being found or identified should they have used security markings.

Most Armenians firms employed family members or other Armenians. Partnership were generally between relatives or other Armenians.

Andreas & Company
1866 - 1895

Founded by George Andreas

Apcar & Stepehens
ca1826 - 1845
Founded by Andrew Apcar & Simon Stephens [died 12 Jan 1849] [H02p121]
Carapiet & Company
1882 - 1914
Founded by Jacob Carapiet
Edgar & Company
1871 - 1899
Founded by Galstaun Edgar, had ties with the Co. with the same name in Surabaya in Java.
G. & I. Zechariah
1828 - 1843
Founded by G. = Gregory & I. = Isaiah, brothers
Galstaun & Company
1878 - 1884
Marcus Galstaun. Had close links to Java.
M. & G. Moses
1839 - 1845
Founded by M. = Mackertich & G. = Galastaum, brothers
M. S. Martin & Company
1890 - 1922
Founded by M. S. = Michael Sarkies. Up to 1902 closely linked to a Java firm. Michael died in 1922 and son Walter took over renaming the company W. S. Martin & Co.
Mackertich Moses
ca1820 - 1839
see M. & G. Moses
Martyrose J. Carapiet
1838 - late 1880s
New Ice Company
Founded by George Andreas. Short lived Co.
Sarkies & Company
1820 - 1841
Founded by Aristarkies Sarkies. See Sarkies & Moses
Sarkies & Moses
1840 - ca1914

Founded by Aristarkies Sarkies & Catchick Moses (nephew)

Stephens & Joaquim
1848 - 1872
Founded by Parsick Joaquim & Simon Stephens [died 12 Jan 1849] [H02p121]
W. S. Martin & Company
1922 - 1941

Founded by W. S. = Walter Sarkies. Had its origins in M. S. Martin & Co.

Stephens, Paul & Company
1896 - 1941
Founded by Minas Stephens & Thaddeus Paul. Had close contacts in Bali, Macassar, Bangkok, London and Kobe.
Edgar Brothers
1912 - 1968
Founded by Charles, Mackertich, Constantine, Martin and Sarkies. Over time they had offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Surabaya, England and Japan. In1927 they became Edgar Brothers Ltd. Then in 1966 Edgar (Malaysia 1966) Ltd. and in 1967 Edgar (Malaysia) Ltd.and Edgar (Singapore) Ltd.
Arathoon Sons
1941 to 1970s
Founded by Hoseb Arathoon.
A. C. Galstaun & Company
1957 - 1983
Founded by Arshak Catchatoor Galstaun
Johannes M. Moses
1840 - 1874
Timepieces, nautical equipment, jewelry
Moses & Company
1874 - ca1903
Founded by Moses Catchick Moses (sic). Timepieces, jewelry, optical devices, photography. In 1879, started the production of postcards based on photos taken by the employee Mr. M. Martin.
L. J. Chater & Company
1882 - 1908
Founded by Lazarus Joseph Chater
Sarkies, Johannes & Company
1901 - 1908
Founded by Arathoon Sarkies, Eleazar Johannes. Strong connections to Java.
Anthony & Company
1925 - 1930

Founded by Alex Anthony

G. H. Sweet Shop
1926 -1931
Grand Hotel Sweet Shop
Ipekdjian Brothers
1927 - 1960s
In 1920s had an office in Hong Kong. Became Ipekdjian Brothers Ltd. 1938 - 1940 and Ipekdjian Brothers Inc. 1950 - 1960s.

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