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The following list is based on the information contained in the website: List of Qualified Jurors, Penang, 1904 which was transcribed from the Straits Settlements Government Gazette of 23 December 1904 by Terry Foenander. That list gives the names of English speaking residents of Singapore who were qualified to serve as jurors. There are over 539 persons on the list and for each their is mentioned their occupation, their residential address and their employer's company name.


  • The List of Qualified Jurors yielded the following 89 potential company names plus a number of schools and hotels.
  • Some 1904 company names are likely missing form the list. This would be the case if none of the employees, partners or owners appeared on the List of Qualified Jurors or if none of these people spoke English.
  • Not all firms employed the words “Company” or “Limited” in their name.
  • There were variation in some company name especially in the use of “&” or “and”. When given a choice I chose to use “&”.
  • Some names such as those of Banks are abbreviated.



Anglo Tamil Methodist School
Free School
Pulo Tikus School
St. George's Tamil Mission School
St. Xavier's Institution
Crag Hotel
E. and O. Hotel
English Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel
Sea View Hotel


1. A. A. Anthony & Company
2. Aerated Water manufacturer
3. Alfred Edwin Skeels, wine merchant
4. Alfred Zeitlin, merchant
5. Allan & Irving
6. Allan Renny, consulting engineer
7. Allan Wilson, civil engineer
8. Alma Estate, Province Wellesley
9. Americk Jones, merchant
10. Archie Campbell, proprietor, Horse Repository
11. Arthur Hardouin, planter, Province Wellesley
12. Arthur Oechsle, merchant
13. Barnett & Stark
14. Batu Kawan Estate, Province Wellesley
15. Behn Meyer & Company
16. Beng Brothers
17. Boustead & Company
18. Byram Estate, Province Wellesley
19. Caledonia Estate, Province Wellesley
20. Chartered Bank
21. Chemmet Mahomed Noordin, merchant
22. Chew Seah Seng, merchant.
23. Cunningham Clarke & Company
24. David Brown & Company
25. E. A. Manasseh & Company
26. Engineers Institute
27. Ernest August Kaulfus, photographer
28. F. D. McIntyre
29. Francis Donald McIntyre, conveyancer. [real estate lawyer.]
30. Frank Holley, horse trainer
31. Fraser & Neave Limited
32. G. H. Slot & Company
33. George Herbert Hanman, horse dealer
34. George Mouat Dundas Mouat, merchant
35. George Town Dispensary
36. Gilfillan, Wood & Company
37. Goon Yen & Friends
38. H. Liebert & Company
39. Hans Von Katte, photographer
40. Herbert Baldwin Woodford, merchant
41. Herm Jebsen & Company
42. Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank
43. Howarth Erskine Ltd.
44. Huttenbach Brothers
45. Huttenbach, Liebert & Company
46. Hye Kee Chan
47. I. R. Beliliosd
48. J. Weber, merchant
49. Jakob Kastelyn, merchant
50. James Lawrie Woodford, merchant.
51. James Ruthven McFarlane, licensed auctioneer, Province Wellesley
52. James Stark, civil engineer
53. John Alexander Brown, auctioneer
54. John Joseph Jambu, licensed conveyancer. [real estate lawyer.]
55. Joseph Sargant, sugar planter
56. Katz Brothers, Ltd.
57. Kennedy & Company
58. Koe Guan & Company
59. Koh Eng Hin, auctioneer
60. Law Yew Ee, merchant
61. Mahomed Mashurdin Merican Noordin, merchant
62. Malakoff Estate, Province Wellesley
63. Mansfield & Company
64. McAlister & Company
65. Netherland Bank
66. Opium Farm
67. Paterson, Simons & Company
68. Penang Foundry Company
69. Penang Khean Guan Insurance Company
70. Penang Smelting Works, Province Wellesley
71. Penang Sugar Estate
72. Pin Kee
73. Pinang Gazette Press
74. Pritchard & Company
75. Prye Estate, Province Wellesley
76. Prye River Dock, Province Wellesley
77. Robert Young, consulting engineer
78. Sandilands, Buttery & Company
79. Schiffmann, Heer & Company
80. Schmidt, Kustermann & Company
81. Spirit Farm
82. Straits Echo, newspaper
83. The Dispensary
84. The Pharmacy
85. Thean Chee & Company
86. Thomas Hadfield Sumerfield, merchant and commission agent
87. Tiang Lee & Company
88. Val d'or Estate, Province Wellesley
89. W. Cornfield

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