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25 Singapore Companies in 1824

“From a report of the Resident in this year, it appears there were twelve European firms in Singapore in the beginning of the year, either agents of, or connected with, good London or Calcutta houses, some with branches in Batavia, and not one that could be called an adventurer. He said that the only land that was of any value was that suited for godowns and dwelling houses, the best nearest the river …” [B05p165-166]

He list the following names:

Merchants Resident

1. Captain Jozé d'Almeida
2. J. Clark
3. Andrew Farquhar
4. ? Fletcher
5. Alexander Guthrie
6. Captain Harrington
7. Alexander Hay
8. Andrew Hay
9. Captain Howard
10. Alexander Laurie Johnston
11. T. King
12. W. G. Mackenzie
13. F. Maclaine
14. J. A . Maxwell
15. Alexander Morgan
16. David S. Napier
17. ? Pearl**
18. John Purvis
19. Claude Queiros
20. Christopher Rideout Read
21. Charles Scott

Merchants Non-Resident

1. Barretto & Co. of Calcutta
2. Carnegy of Penang
3. G. D. H. Larpent of Calcutta
4. John Palmer of Calcutta

**On 19 January 1819, the ship Indiana commanded by James Pearl left Penang. [B05p27]

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