14 Singapore Merchants and Agency Houses March 1827

1. Almeida & Co.
2. Armstrong, Crane & Co.
3. Dalton, J.
4. Farquhar, A.
5. Guthrie & Clark
6. A. L. Johnston & Co.
7. Mackenzie & Co.
8. Maxwell & Co.
9. Morgans, Hunter & Co.
10. Napier, Scott & Co.
11. Purvis, J.
12. Spottiswoode & Connolly
13. Syme & Co.
14. Thomas & Co.
Source for the above is [L02p63]

Singapore Government 1827

Assistants in Resident’s and Secretary's Office: J. F. Burrows, W. Hewetson, J. D. Remedios

Assistants in Accountant's and Pay Office: R. Winter, T. H. Bell

Assistants in Police Office and Convicts Department: W. Campbell, J. Salmon, W. Holloway

Constables: Henry Gilbert, Francis Cox , Robert Macquire

Overseer of Convicts: ? Hilton

Assistants in Master Attendant's Office: Edward Coles, John Leyden Siamee

Post Office: Edward Coles

Commissioners - Court of Requests: Edward Presgrave, S. G. Bonham, W. Holloway (Clerk ), Francis Cox (Bailiff)

The 94 Singapore European Inhabitants in 1827

D'Almeida, Jozé Almeida & Co.
Armstrong, George Armstrong, Crane & Co.
Bernard, Frederick James Agent to Lloyds, Notary Public
Brown, J. Employ of Mackenzie & Co.
Bruce, James R. Employ of Armstrong & Co.
Clark, James Scott Guthrie & Clark
Coleman, George Drumgold Civil Architect
Connoly, John Spottiswoode & Connolly
Crane, Thomas Owen Armstrong, Crane & Co.
Dalton, John Merchant
De Silva, Martinus Employ of Lieut. Jackson.
Douwe, P. E. -
Dunman, W. -
Ellis, John Employ of A. L. Johnston & Co.
Farquhar, Andrew Merchant
Francis, John Tavern Keeper
Frazer, James Employ of Maxwell & Co.
Freeze, Fred -
George, William Renshaw. Employ of Thomas & Co.
Gordon, James -
Gummer, John (probably John Gemmill) -
Guthrie, Alexander Guthrie & Clark
Hallpike, Stephen Shipwright
Hansen, H. F. -
Hawthorn, Daniel Ship carpenter
Hay, Andrew A. L. Johnston & Co.
Holloway, C. -
Hunter, Robert Morgans, Hunter & Co.
Johnston, Alex. Laurie A. L. Johnston & Co.
Laby, Thomas Punch-house Keeper
Lardner, Thomas Employ of Mr. Temperton
Loch, John Editor of Singapore Chronicle
Macdonald, William Employ of Morgans, Hunter & Co.
Macintosh, J. Employ of Spottiswoode & Connolly
Mackenzie, Graham Mackenzie & Co.
Maia, F. de Silva Pinto Roman Catholic Priest
Martin, Alexander Surgeon
Matti, Miguel Watchmaker
Maxwell, John Argyle Maxwell & Co.
Merryweather, W. Employ of Syme & Co.
Milton, Rev. Samuel Missionary (London Missionary Society)
Moore, R. Employ of Maxwell & Co.
Napier, William Lawyer
Napier R. -
Page, W. Employ of Morgans, Hunter & Co.
Patton, William, P. Employ of Morgans, Hunter & Co.
Pelling, R. E. Employ of Guthrie & Clark
Purvis, John Merchant
Read, Christopher Rideout A. L. Johnston & Co.
Ryan, C. Employ of Napier, Scott & Co.
Shaw, W. D. Mackenzie & Co.
Solomon, J. -
Spottiswoode, William Spottiswoode Connolly
Sweeting, S. Employ of Syme & Co.
Swinton, ? Shipwright
Syme, Hugh Syme & Co.
Temperton, William Shipwright.
Thomas, Charles Thomas & Co.
Thomas, C. S. Thomas & Co.
Thomas, Josiah Thomas & Co.
Thompson, Rev. G. H. Missionary (London Missionary Society)
Westerburg, ? Punch-house Keeper
Wright, John -

Source for all of the above is Reference [B05p202-203 and others.]

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