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Singapore merchants who signed a letter to the Governor in 1836

On Monday, the 25th January, a private meeting was held, at the Reading Room, of the Mercantile community to consider the question of the imposition of duties, about which the following correspondence had taken place: -

" To The Hon'ble KENNETH MURCHISON, Esquire,
Governor of Prince of Wales' Island, Singapore and Malacca, &c., &c., &c.

"Sir, - We the undersigned, Merchants of Singapore, having heard that the Supreme Government has it in contemplation to levy duties at this port, and being of opinion that such a measure will materially affect the trade of the Settlement, respectfully request that you will inform us if such be the case; and if so, that you will be pleased to favour us with the particulars of such instructions as you may have received on the subject, in so far as you feel yourself at liberty to communicate the same.

We are, &c.

Joaquim d'Almeida
Jose d'Almeida
E. Boustead
C. Carnie
T. O. Crane
J. S. Clark
W. S. Duncan
J. Fraser
W. R. George

A. Guthrie
J. Hamilton
A. Hay
R. C. Healey
A. L. Johnston
W. S. Lorrain
T. McMicking
G. Martin
T. Scott

S. A. Seth
W. D. Shaw
W. Spottiswoode
J. Stephen
S. Stephens
J. H. Whitehead
J. Wise
G. Zechariah
I. Zechariah

Singapore, 11th January, 1836 [B05p301]

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