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Singapore Chamber of Commerce 1862

The British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore was founded on February 8th, 1837 [M05 p35]

“On 8th February 1837, at a meeting of the merchants, agents and other interested in the trade of Singapore, convened by circular and held at the Reading Room for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of establishing a Chamber of Commerce at this Settlement, A. L. Johnston in the Chair, it was proposed ... That an Association be formed under the designation of ‘The Singapore Chamber of Commerce’ for the purpose of watching over the commercial interests of the Settlement.”

“The Singapore Chamber of Commerce is formed for the protection of the general interest of the trade of the settlement, for the collecting and classifying of mercantile information, for establishing a court of arbitration to adjust commercial differences which may be referred to it, and for communicating with the public authorities on all subjects aff ecting the common good.”

The original Committee was comprised of: A. L. Johnston (Chairman), T. McMicking, R. C. Healey, E .J. Giman, Syed Abubakar, Kim Guan, I. Zechariah, E. Boustead, J. Balestier, Gwan Chuan and A. Guthrie.

The Board in 1862

  1.     J. d’Almeida & Sons
  2.     Geo. Armstrong & Company
  3.     Behn, Meyer & Company
  4.     ***The Borneo Company Ltd.
  5.     Busing, Schröder & Company
  6.     B. H. Cama & Company
  7.     Cumming, Beaver & Company
  8.     ***Guthrie & Company
  9.     Hamilton, Grey & Company
  10.     Hinnekindt Frères & L. Cateaux
  11.     A. L. Johnston & Company
  12.     Wm. Macdonad & Company
  13.     Maclaine, Fraser & Company
  14.     Martin, Dyec & Company
  15.     Middleton, Harrison & Company
  16.     ***Paterson, Simons & Company
  17.     Puttfarcken, Rheiner & Company
  18.     Rautenberg, Schmidt & Company
  19.     Reme, Leveson & Company
  20.     Shaw, Walker & Company
  21.     Smith, Bell & Company
  22.     Wm. Spottiswoode & Company
  23.     ***Syme & Company
  24.     Zapp, Ritterhaus & Company
  25.     The Oriental Banking Corporation
  26.     ***The Chartered Bank of India, London and China
  27.     The Chartered Mercantile Bank of India and Australia
  28.     ***The P. & O. Steam Navigation Company
  29.     T. O. Crane, Esq.
  30.     Byramjee Pestonjee, Esq.

By 1921 all but the six firms marked "***" had disappeared. For some unknown reason the firm of Boustead and Co. (still active in 1921) was not a member.

In 1964, the Singapore Chamber of Commerce changed its name to Singapore International Chamber of Commerce.

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