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Subscribers to the Oriental Telephone & Electric Co. in 1882

The Telegraph Company was first listed in an 1860 directory. Managed by a Mr. Pell, the Singapore office included a telephone office known as the Oriental Telephone Company (1881). Mr. Gott ran a similar Penang telephone company and it was taken over by Government. After purchasing a small telephone exchange in 1882, the telephone company was known as the Oriental Telephone and Electric Company.

  1. Behn, Meyer and Co.
  2. Bernard and Son, Borneo Co., Ltd.
  3. Boustead and Co.
  4. Brennand and Wilkinson Co.
  5. Cameron, Dunlop and Co.
  6. Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China
  7. Chartered Mercantile Bank of India
  8. Crane Bros.
  9. The Singapore Exchange
  10. John Fraser, Hamilton, Gray and Co.
  11. Hongkong and Shanghai Bank
  12. Katz Bros.
  13. John Little and Co.
  14. Maclaine, Fraser and Co.
  15. Mansfield and Co.
  16. Martin, Dyce and Co.
  17. McKerrow, William and Co. [sic]
  18. McAlister and Co.
  19. Messageries Maritimes Cie.
  20. Netherlands Trading Society
  21. Oriental Banking Co.
  22. Paterson, Simons and Co.
  23. Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co.
  24. Powell and Co.
  25. John Purvis, Puttfarcken, Rheiner and Co.
  26. Rautenberg, Schmidt and Co.
  27. Dr. Robertson
  28. J. D. Ross, jr.
  29. Sayle and Co.
  30. W. R. Scott and Co.
  31. Syme and Co.
  32. Tanjong Pagar Dock Co.
  33. Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.
  34. Gilfillan, Wood and Co.
  35. Guthrie and Co.
  36. New Harbour Dock Co. Ltd.
  37. The Maharaja of Johore

“In 1891 the Eastern Extension, Australasia and China Telegraph Company was the successor or amalgamator (about 1873) of the British India Extension Telegraph Company, the China Submarine Telegraph Company, the British Australasian Cable Company…”

Information from John Wilson 20 November 2006. [M04]

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