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Singapore Companies 1904

The following list is based on the information that was contained in the website List of Qualified Jurors, Singapore, 1904 which was transcribed from the Straits Settlements Government Gazette of 21 October 1904 by Terry Foenander. That list gave the names of English speaking residents of Singapore who were qualified to serve as jurors. There are over 1360 persons on the list and for each their is mentioned their occupation, their residential address and their employer's company name.


  • The List of Qualified Jurors yielded the following 177 potential company names plus a number of schools and hotels.
  • Some 1904 company names are likely missing form the list. This would be the case if none of the employees, partners or owners appeared on the List of Qualified Jurors or if none of these people spoke English.
  • Not all firms employed the words “Company” or “Limited” in their name.
  • There were variation in some company name especially in the use of “&” or “and”. When given a choice I chose to use “&”.
  • Some names such as those of Banks are abbreviated.

Schools Hotels
  1. Anglo Chinese School
  2. Cross Street School
  3. Government Central School
  4. Kampong Glam Branch School
  5. Raffles School
  6. St. Andrew's Church Mission School
  7. St. Anthony's School
  8. Victoria Bridge School
  1. Adelphi Hotel
  2. Bellevue Hotel
  3. Caledonian Hotel
  4. Globe Hotel
  5. Hotel de la Paix
  6. Hotel de l'Europe
  7. Hotel des Indes
  8. Hotel Van Witt
  9. Rafles Hotel


Abrams Horse Repository
Aerated Water Department, Fraser & Neave, Ltd.
Alexandra Brick Works
Almeida & Company
Ann Lock & Company
Arthur Barker & Company
Arthur Eugene Bailey
Bagnall & Hilles
Barlow & Company
Barugh & Company
Behn Meyer & Company
Behr & Company
Bells Asbestos Eastern Agency, Ltd.
Bintang Oil Mills
Borneo Company, Ltd.
Boustead & Company
Brauss & Company
Brinkmann & Company
British American Company, Ltd.
British American Tobacco Company, Ltd.
Cadonau & Company
Caldbeck MacGregor & Company
Campbell & Company
Central Engine Works
Chartered Bank
Chew Swee Teong
China Mutual Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
Clouet & Company
Coghlan & Company
Commercial Assurance Company, Ltd.
Commercial Union Assurance Company, Ltd.
Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes
Compania General de Tobacos de Filipinas
Coronation Dispensary
D. Brandt & Company
Daendels & Company
Dallan's Horse Repository
Dalmann & Company
Des Messageries Maritimes
Dun McAlister & Company
Dupire & Company
E. Meyer & Company
East Asiatic Company Ltd.
Eastern Products & Company, Ltd.
Filfillan Wood & Company
Frankel & Company
Fraser & Cumming
Fraser & Neave, Ltd.
Fraser & Sons, Ltd.
Free Press
G. Hieber & Company
G.A. Fernandez & Company
G.R. Lambert & Company
Gaggino & Company
Giang Brothers & Company
Giang Tye Brothers.
Gilfillan, Wood & Company
Ginsberg & Company
Goodenough Brothers
Gosling & Company
Guthrie & Company, Ltd.
H.J.M. Ellis & Company
H.L. Coghlan & Company
Hackney Carriage Department
Hagedorn & Company
Hammer & Company
Hartwig & Company
Hieber & Company
Hogan & Company Ltd.
Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank
Hooglandt & Company
Hoon Keat & Company
Horse Repository
Houghlandt & Company
Howarth Erskine, Ltd.
Huttenbach Brothers & Company
Indian Oil Well Supply Stores
International Banking Corporation
International Tin Company
Jaeger & Company
James Motion & Company
John Little & Company, Ltd.
Katz Brothers Ltd.
Kelly & Walsh, Ltd.
Keppel Harbour Dock
Kim Cheng & Company
Kim Seng & Company
Kumpers & Company
L. Ankersmit & Company
Lat Pau Press
Latham & Company
Lyall & Evatt
M. Maritimes Company
M.S. Martin & Company
Manasseh & Company
Mansfield & Company
Martin & Company
McAlister & Company
McKerrow & Company
Menke & Company
Mercantile Bank Ltd.
Messageries Maritimes Company
Meyer Brothers
Moine Comte & Company
Moraux & Company
Motion & Company
Nathan & Rahamin
Netherlands India Commercial Bank
Netherlands Trading Society
New Singapore Ice Factory Ltd.
North China Insurance Company, Ltd.
Oriental Telephone Company, Ltd.
P & O. Steam Navigation Company
Paterson Simons & Company
Pertile & Company
Pickering & Company
Pons & Carlo
Powell & Company
Powell Robinson & Company
Pulau Brani Smelting Works
Pulau Ubin Quarry
Puttfarcken & Company
R. Schmidt & Company
Raub Gold Company
Rautenburg, Schmidt & Company
Ribeiro & Company
Rigold Bergmann & Company
Riley Hargreaves & Company, Ltd.
Robinson & Company
Robinson Piano Company, Ltd.
Rud Sieverts & Company
Sandilands Buttery & Company
Saunders & Company
Shrager Brothers
Singapore Brickworks
Singapore Free Press
Singapore Harness & Saddlery Company
Singapore Oil Mills
Singapore-Kranji Railway
Slipway and Engineering Company, Ltd.
Slipway Company, Ltd.
Smith & Foster
Societa Commissionaria d'Esportazione, Ltd.
Somerville & Company
South British Insurance Company, Ltd.
Standard Oil Company of New York
Stephens Paul & Company
Stiven & Company
Straits Cycle & Motor Company
Straits Engineering Syndicate
Straits Ice Company, Ltd.
Straits Steamship Company, Ltd.
Straits Times
Straits Trading Company, Ltd.
Stuben & Franzen
Swan & Maclaren
Syme & Company
Tan Kim Tian Steamship Company, Ltd.
Tandy & Vincent
Tanjong Pagar Dock Company, Ltd.
Thompson Thomas & Company
Tomlinson, Lermit & Westerhout
Transatlantic Trading Company, Ltd.
Travers & Sons, Ltd.
Union Insurance Company of Canton, Ltd.
Union Insurance Society of Canton Ltd.
Urrutia & Company
Vacuum Oil Company
Vade & Company
W.H. Boyd & Company
Watts & Company
Whiteaway, Laidlaw & Company
William Menke & Company
Wilson & Company
Yap Watt & Company
Yong Lee Seng & Company

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