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Chops that need translating into English

Updated: 4 Nov 2014
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NOTE: Where letters are listed,these are a best guess if unclear!

3 Chinese characters

updated: 22 April 2006

. .

Stamp all cancelled SINGAPORE respectively: 17 Sept. 1898, 3 July 1894 and 2Sept. 1895

Images from the author's collection

  • The first character means Singapore, the second means newspaper and the third means a house, a place or a hall. The second and third characters combined means newspaper printing house. So these three characters mean Singapore newspapers printing house. The first two characters actually is the name of earliest Chinese newspaper in Singapore. The first character is the transliteration of the "lat" in the Malay word "Selat" which means Straits. [P.Q., April 2006]

3 Chinese Characters / SINGAPORE
Triple oval ( 3 mm letters ) violet

updated: 22 April 2006

Cancelled 1896

Image from the author's collection

  • First two characters are the name of the company ? Jointly Prosperous. Third and fourth characters combined mean Company. [P.Q., April 2006]

3 Chinese Characters

updated: 22 April 2006

Image from the author's collection

  • The first character means New, the second means Abundant or Plentiful and the third means Prosperous or Thriving. [P.Q., April 2006]

Chinese 2+ Characters

updated: 22 April 2006


Image from the author's collection

  • The first character is illegible. The second character has several meanings:Safe, Peaceful, Extreme or Most. [P.Q., April 2006]

Double oval (3 mm letters ) black

updated: 19 June 2008

. . IDC0025.jpg

The two cent stamp is cancelled SINGAPORE 22 May 1889

Images from the author's collection, vertical 2 cent stamp from Gaden Robinson 31 Jan. 2006

  • The same items are pictured on another page as ID100
  • "This is a difficult one because it isrun-on. I think it should be "Tiang Lim On In Yuan & Co." Gaden Robinson 8 Feb. 2006
  • This is the name of a company. The characters mean Brocade, Bright and Beautiful and Luxuriant, Exuberant or Profuse. [P.Q., April 2006]

Chinese Characters in centre
No frame, 1line ( 4 mm characters ) violet

updated: 15 April 2007

Middle inscription - Chinese?

Image from the author's collection

  • The same item is pictured on another page asG060
  • These are the Chinese transliteration of the company name. Anonymous 22 April 2006
  • The Chinese characters should be read from right to left. The last two on the left mean ?company?. [Richard Hale, 15 April 2007]

Diagonal handstamp - Possibly an Indian language needing translation.
No frame, 1 line ( 3 mm characters ) violet

updated: 4 Nov 2014

Image from the author's collection

  • The English handstamp is  ….BANKING CORPORATION / SINGAPORE [thanks M.F. Hartkamp]

Chinese Characters / HONGKONG

updated: 15 April 2007

  • same item as Miscellaneous M011
  • The character appears to be check or investigate.[P.Q., April 2006]
  • The Chinese characters are, from right to left, Xiang Gang (Mandarin) or Heung Gong (Cantonese)? i.e. Hong Kong but half the left character is missing. [Richard Hale, 15 April 2007]

SINGAPORE / Chinese Characters

updated: 22 April 2006

  • same item as Miscellaneous M013
  • These characters are the old name for ?Singapore?.

2 Chinese Characters
single oval, blue

updated: 29 June 2009

IDC0022_ETan.jpg IDC0022_mine.jpg
Image from E. Tan [Nov. 2007] Image from author's collection

3 Chinese Characters

updated: 1 Feb. 2008


Image from E. Tan [Feb. 2008]

5 Chinese Characters

updated: 12 April 2010

 IDC0024a.jpg . IDC0024c.jpg . IDC0024.jpg . IDC0024b.jpg

Same strip of three shown in two orientations, front & back.

Image from the author's collection

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