Security markings on British Malaya Stamps

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Updated: 12 July 2015
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B and C intertwined = Boustead & Co.

( 19 mm x 16 mm ) blue

updated: 1 Jan. 2006


Images from the author's collection

  • the "B" is 19 mm tall and the "C" is 16 mm wide
  • the stamp received the "B & Co." violet handstamp of Boustead and Company
  • the stamp shows a partial SINGAPORE cancellation




Double Oval, red

updated: 12 July 2015

 John-Wilson John-Wilson

Images from John Wilson

  • Manuel Arias Rodriquez was a stamp collector and possibly a stamp dealer in Manila who applied his mark on the back of stamps in the 1880s.

P ? S
Single circle (Diameter 10 mm, 2 mm serif letters) violet

updated: 22 Jan. 2007


Mint stamp

Images from the author's collection

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