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2021 September 26 001 Siamese Receiver Marks?

001 - Siamese Receiver Marks!

These two stamps I have had in my collection for a long time. Could they be genuine usages?

4 cents Crown CA
  • Two red ‘crayon’ lines upper left & lower right corners.
  • The “Bangkok 2” cancellation is on top of a smugged SINGAPORE cancellation.
  • B shows no die impression.
  • B is wrong.
  • B is under the “Bangkok 2” cancellation

12 cents Crown CA
  • B looks genuine.
  • B is over the “Bangkok” cancellation?


  • Oskar Ressel was a worldwide stamp dealer in Berlin in the 1940's.

F002c.jpg F002b.jpg

  • The red arrow points to a 5-pointed star which is an owner's mark.
  • TT is the mark of Max Their from Berlin-Charlottenburg, worldwide expert active from 1890 to 1920. He used a gothic “T” and placed two strikes on used stamps, one strike on mint or mint no gum stamps.Since there is no indication of him thinking it a fake he must have judged it genuine.
  • The BANGKOK 2 Siamese Post Office opened on 1 July 1885 the day Siam joined the Universal Postal Union. The day prior, 30 June 1885, the British Consulate’s Post Office closed. Now BANGKOK 2 handled mail in and out of Siam.
  • The cancellation on the 4 stamp may not from PO#2. It might be from another PO and the 2 indicates it to be handstamp #2 used there.
  • A BANGKOK without P PAID cancellation was introduced in December 1890. The 12 stamp might have received such a cancellation.
  • On 4 August 1883 the first Siamese PO opened at Bangkok. It handled internal mail. It uses a cancellation with BANGKOK across the top in English and across the bottom in Siamese. When Siam Joined the UPU on 1 July a1885 it became know as BANGKOK 1. 
  • Unfortunately, the two cancellations above could have been those uses at BANGKOK 1. We need the bottom of the cancellation be able to say for certain which office used the cancellations.
  • Despite all this uncertainty, I am confident in saying that these two stamps are fabrication.

“The BPP experts mark the “B”s relative to the foot of the stamp. The left corner is used on mint stamps (with or without gum) and the right corner is for used. Their mark is placed vertically along the edge of the stamp reading upwards. The elevation, at which the mark is placed above the foot, is used to gage any damage or repair. If the signature is even with the foot, it signals that there was no damage at the time the stamp was assessed. The higher up the signature is from the foot, the greater the flaw, damage or repair. If it is placed up to the centre of the stamp, this signals a major problem or fault.

Forgeries are supposedly marked as such in the center of the stamp with the signature of the expert applied diagonally across. Genuine stamp with a forged cancellation are supposedly marked “cancellation forgery” across middle with the expert’s signature diagonally across. I have never seen these marking on a B-overprinted stamp. I suppose that owners see no profit in offering them for sale.” My book page 332.

As you might suspect these expert markings have been forged.

  • Alan Cameron
  • Prakob Chirakiti
  • Expertizing Standards – BPP,
  • Kock, G., Philatelic Experts - This is a worldwide list of the names and areas of specialization of thousands of stamp experts who applied their marks to postage stamps or issued certificates. Hundreds of scans are available.

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