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2021 August 23 001 Firm Chops as proof of fakery!

001 - Firm Chops as Proof of Fakery!

I have identified some 24 firms that used chops at Bangkok during the period of the British PO (1855 to 1885). Forgers used whatever Straits Settlements stamp they could to apply their dishonest “Bs”. I have over 100 fakes and the carrier stamps are all over the map as to condition.

As an aide to my interest in Bangkok is my study of the firms that operated in Singapore – my website documents these. The reason for this study being to discover which firms whose chops are seen on supposed “B” overprints did not operated at Bangkok  during the period in question. 

As new information about a firm becomes known things might change. So the study of a firm's history is important to keeping our collections free of fakes not to mention the negative effect on our stamp budgets. So, if in doubt send the item for a certificate.

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