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2021 July 17 001 "Bs" used after the post office closed?

001 - "Bs" used after the post office closed?

Some have speculated that any remaining “Bs” when the British Post Office closed on 30 June 1885 were returned to the Treasury in Singapore and reissued for use there. Others have suggested that firms with offices in Singapore sent their remaining stock of “Bs” there and used them on mail.

My thinking is that this never happened:

  • Siam was to join the UPU a month earlier, but this was delayed due to an outbreak of cholera in Europe adding one more month to use up stock.
  • The last shipment of stamps was 27 May 1885.
  • The Postmaster at Bangkok acquired the stamps at 90% face. The reason for overprinting the stamps with a “B” was to prevent them being used outside of Bangkok.
  • Stamp collectors and stamp dealers had discovered the British Post Office. Early ads in philatelic journal confirmation that dealers were offering Bangkok issues during the life of the post office. Since he bought the stamps from the British Post Office in Singapore the retiring Postmaster likely kept what was left and sold them at a profit. Note the large blocks of mint Bangkok stamps that appear in exhibits and in auctions.

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