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I finished writing my book in July of 2021 and thus the content is frozen in time.
This website notes new discoveries and information that adds to the knowledge on this subject.
If you have anything that you think belongs on these pages please contact me.


2021 November 26 OK - What is this!
2021 August 23 History
2021 November 14 “Bs”
2021 November 15 Obliterators & Cancellations
Not yet Other Stamps used at Bangkok
2021 August 23 Firm & Consular Chops
2021 Sept 12 Mail – Outbound
2021 November 14 Mail – Inbound (new section, not in the book)
2021 August 23 Mail Closure Notices
2021 November 14 Anchor Chop
Not yet Varieties & Flaws
2021 Spetember 26 Fakes & Forgeries
Not yet Publications
Not yet Everything Else