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2022 Oct 18 002 rue se Siam
2022 Oct 18 001 Forges de Siam

002 - rue de Siam


The rue de Siam (or Siam Street) is the main street of Brest, a port city in Brittany, France. Its original name was rue Saint-Pierre. After the arrival of the Siamese delegation on 29 June 1688 led by Kosa Pan, to meet with Louis XIV in Versailles the population was so impressed by the spectacle of their arrival that they renamed the street rue de Siam.

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001 - Forges de Siam

The Forges de Siam (Forges de Syam) were forge works and sheet metal mills just south of Champagnole in the western part of France in the department of Jura.

The forges were established in the 16th century. In 1763 they produced more than 15,000 scythes and more than 60,000 iron rimes for wheels. Starting in 1820, they produced 400 tons of metal goods each year which doubled by 1840.

Alphonse Jobez, set up a nail works in 1864. This closed in 1914 to concentrate on more profitable products. The company came under new ownership in 1945 going bankrupt in 1976 and was sold. The new owners modernized the works but closed them in 2009.

Forge  de Siam 28 January 1824



Mailed from CHAMPAGNLE

Siam 8 March 1883



Mailed from CHAMPAGNLE 9 March 1833

Forges de Siam (Jura) 18 November 1867



Mailed from CHAMPAGNLE 18 NOV 1867

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