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Here are listed items that require further study.
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Modified # Title
2021 August 23003"B" & Caption in German?
2021 August 23 002 Penned "B"?
2021 August 23 001 MAINZ - Arrival Cancellation?

003 - "B" & Caption in German?

WIT-003 WIT-003a
2c Straits Settlements CA issued 1883
There is want looks like an owner's mark in the lower left corner.
[Source: Mine]

The "B" was printed using a press. It does not match the Type I nor II "B".

WIT-003e  WIT-003f WIT-003g

The caption translates as: " For Port Bangkok"

What could this be?
  • A bangkok firm might have used this as their security marking. One day a proving cover might surface.

One more thing:

Is the dot inside the first "S" of Straits a recurring thing?

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002 - Penned "B"?

WIT-002   BrCon_Seal
8c Straits Settlements Crown CC issued 1867
[Source: Mine]

The stamp received the British Consulate Seal and likely a checkerboard cancellation. Everything points to the stamp being genuine and used at Bangkok. The thing of interest is that someone has penned in a "B".

What could this be?
  • This might be the user's initial applied as a security marking.
  • Might be a firm's security marking that did not use a handstamp.
  • Maybe the user though that to go through the Bangkok Post Office stamps needed a "B" on them.
  • etc.

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001 - MAINZ - Arrival Cancellation?

WIT-001  WIT-001a
[Source: Mine]

* MAINZ * M …

Town name bounded by six-pointed stars

M = Morgens or morning.

Blurred two-digit date starting with “7"?

... ACTYOM ...

Likely a docketing notation added by a clerk.

Mainz is the capital and largest city of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

[Thanks to Lawrence Mead for added information.]

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