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Modified # Title
2021 November 26006Mistaken cancellation!
2021 September 22005Mystery blue cancel?
2021 September 16004Mystery blue chop?
2021 August 23003"B" & Caption in German?
2021 August 23 002 Penned "B"?
2021 August 23 001 MAINZ - Arrival Cancellation?

006 - Mistaken cancellation!



This is a Siamese postal stationery card only valid for use within Siam. They show that an agreement existed between the Postmaster at the Consulate and the firm of Ramsay & Co. to receive notices as to when the foreign mails would close. See Mail Closure Notices on the home page.

The CDS on the reverse is there to note the date of mailing. However, someone at the British Post Office cancelled the card front which they had no authority to. The mail system in Bangkok was the responsibility of the Siamese Post Office. Note the Siamese cancellation.


On pages 101 & 102 of the book I note three occasions where this error has been seen. One is on this loose Siamese stamp cancelled 27 of an unknown month in 1884. The two other examples are Ramsay & Co. cards cancelled: 15 SP 1884 and 18 NO 1884.

Why did this occur? Maybe an experiences helper was aiding the Postmaster or maybe filling in for him. We will likely never know.

[GROSVENOR #139 22-23 January 2021 Lot 928]

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005 - Mystery blue cancel?

[Source: Mine]

Watermarked Crown CA
Possible Siamese cancel?

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004 - Mystery blue chop?

  WIT-004.jpg  WIT-004a.jpg
[Source: Mine]

Watermarked Crown CA
Possible native script?

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003 - "B" & Caption in German?

WIT-003 WIT-003a
2c Straits Settlements CA issued 1883
There is what looks like an owner's mark in the lower left corner.
[Source: Mine]

The "B" was printed using a press. It does not match the Type I nor II "B".

WIT-003e  WIT-003f WIT-003g

The caption translates as: " For Port Bangkok"

What could this be?
  • A Bangkok firm might have used this as their security marking. One day a proving cover might surface.

One more thing:

Is the dot inside the first "S" of Straits a recurring thing?

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002 - Penned "B"?

WIT-002   BrCon_Seal
8c Straits Settlements Crown CC issued 1867
[Source: Mine]

The stamp received the British Consulate Seal and likely a checkerboard cancellation. Everything points to the stamp being genuine and used at Bangkok. The thing of interest is that someone has penned in a "B".

What could this be?
  • This might be the user's initial applied as a security marking.
  • Might be a firm's security marking that did not use a handstamp.
  • Maybe the user though that to go through the Bangkok Post Office stamps needed a "B" on them.
  • etc.

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001 - MAINZ - Arrival Cancellation?

WIT-001  WIT-001a
[Source: Mine]

* MAINZ * M …

Town name bounded by six-pointed stars

M = Morgens or morning.

Blurred two-digit date starting with “7"?

... ACTYOM ...

Likely a docketing notation added by a clerk.

Mainz is the capital and largest city of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

[Thanks to Lawrence Mead for added information.]

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