The Mediterranean Mails

A study of mails from, to, and through the
Mediterranean to the end of the nineteenth century


Edited by F. R. Stubens and published by the Philatelic Specialist Society (PSS) of Canada Toronto, Ontario 1993, ISBN 0-9696968-0-9.This book is an anthology of eighteen background and postal history articles, by the members of the PSS, dealing with "the unequalled importance of the Mediterranean basin as a highway for the exchange and transit of mails." [preface page vii]The 8.5 x 11 inch, 89 page cardboard covered book is profusely illustrated with philatelic material from the authours' collections as well as with maps (one in colour), tables and graphics.

 As of January 2015, you can now download a pdf of this book from HERE

Table of Contents

Section / Article
Foreword Edmund C. Walton v
Preface Fred R. Stubens vii
Benedictus Pesaro, on Corfu, to the Doge of Venice Bill Liaskas 1
Marinus Grimani, Doge of Venice, to Jacobus Nemo, Captain of Bassano, 11 march 1605 Michael Madesker, FRPSL, FRPSC 3
The Falmouth Packets from the Mediterranean and the "MALTA F" John N. Tyacke 5
Mails Between British North America and the Ioanian Islands: The Pre-Adhesive Period Allan Steinhart, FRPSC 9
Swiss Mail Across the Mediterranean During the Nineteenth Century Edmund C. Walton 13
Mails Via the Isthmus of Suez: The Contribution of Lieutenant Thomas Waghorn Michel Houde 17
Mediterranean Shipping Lines in the Nineteenth Century Alan G. McKanna, FRPSC 27
Postal Service Between Poland and the Mediterranean Dr. Miet Kamienski 31
"Bandit Mail" of Montenegro,or Caveat Emptor Harry Sutherland, RDP, FRPSL, FRPSC 42
Mails from and to Greece: Some Unusual Destinations Ted H Wright 43
Forwarding Agents in the Mediterranean Basin Kenneth Rowe, FRPSC 47
The Suez Canal Nicholas Coddington 50
The Hong Kong Mails and the Mediterranean: Selected Covers Fred R. Stubens 53
France to Algeria and Tunis, from 1841 to World War I Peter Lerpiniere 64
Postal Services in the Macedonian District of the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century Andrew Cronin, FRPSL, FRPSC 73
Foreign Postal Offices in the Ottoman Empire Dr. Miet Kamienski 81
An 1866 Letter from Russia to Italy Piotr Madej 86
Registered Post Cards Cliff Guile 88

As of January 2015, you can now download a pdf of this book from HERE

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